Birth Doula Services - $500

From the moment you hire me as your doula, you have unconditional support for your pregnancy. I am so excited to be on this journey with you and now you have someone to help you navigate through all of the, sometimes, confusing information and decisions that need to be made. Together, we will plan the best birth for you and baby. I will be by your side to guide you and advocate for you all the way as you take the last important steps into motherhood. Choosing a doula means that you have a trained and professional birth support person by your side to provide evidence based information, non-judgment and hands on support and coaching as you bring baby earthside.  I stand alongside your partner to help them as well, as they support and love on you. I hope to help bring you closer as you bring this baby along together. 

Birth doula services include  2-3 pre-natal visits to discuss options, concerns, desires for birth plan, and techniques for comfort and pain management. I am available via phone and text for questions and concerns and, 2 weeks before due date, am "on call" 24/7 until baby comes. I am present, once requested, the entire time through labor, delivery, and for up to 2 hours postpartum. In those hours after birth, I will help with breastfeeding and see to comfort. I will make 1- 2 postpartum visits to check on comfort and breastfeeding as well as to answer any questions. At this time, I would be happy to go over your birth experience and fill in any gaps and help you to decompress and taka a moment

I offer my mamas postpartum care as a follow on after your birth.  Your postpartum time and care is crucial to how you recover and how you might  keep those pesky baby blues at bay.  Hormonal shifts are normal, but care means someone is watching out for you and the more serious symptoms of postpartum depression. Having help with baby, siblings, food prep and house upkeep as well as someone to focus on YOUR recovery, is not only amazing, but vital!  After birth, mamas can become lost and feel unseen, not sure what to do or who to turn to.  I have this continuity of care for my moms so they can feel safe and cared for just as they were in pregnancy and birth with me. I offer belly binding which is very soothing as well as herbal baths, nutritious meals and baby and sibling care so you may rest and sleep. I offer help and resources for problems with breastfeeding or with anything else that you might not  feel confident in yet.

Please ask me about prices and packages which include discounts for your postpartum time.  I have an extensive lending library and much to offer in the way of pain management and comfort for birth, labor and postpartum to include Acupressure, Reiki, and the use of Spinning Babies.  We have so many things to discuss, please reach out and let's get together to talk about all of your options and choices as this is YOUR birth and experience.  I am here to see you through until you feel ready to venture out on your own, for some that can take as long as a year!  There is no time limit to healing and feeling confident and good!  Together we can and we will!

Hugs, Katherine