About Me

 I am a DONA trained birth doula living here in Omaha and a Bebo Mia and Newborn Mother's Collective trained fertility specialist and  postpartum doula.  I serve all of Omaha and the surrounding areas as well as Offutt Air Force Base. 

Why am I a doula and drawn to birth work?  Simply, I am a nurturer of all things and I feel very strongly, now more than ever, that women need a voice.  They need to be seen, heard and taken care of in their "year" of birth and recovery.  Nothing should be more important than nurturing a new mother for she has been born herself and cannot go it alone. Fertility plays a HUGE role in this as, if our bodies aren't ready, there might not be a pregnancy.  I feel passionately about women having optimum health, mind and body so they may be ready to receive baby. I will be able to help with temperature charting, diet and emotional support and ideas as well as being there for the hard stuff such as dr. appointments and treatments. I have also added Reiki healing and Acupressure to my services to really give all that I can to my mamas. Both of these healing modalities can make such a difference in a woman's health and experience.

My journey to this moment has been filled with both my own birth experiences as well as those of my two daughters. I have always had a love for children, moms, and the entire birth process and now, more than ever, believe that women need to know they have choices and the power to birth as they so choose. My desire is to quietly hold a woman's space in this beautiful process and to stand by to be her guide, support, and advocate as she takes this journey into the unknown. I will answer questions, find answers, and never leave her side as she takes this beautiful, empowering step into motherhood. My only job is to make sure mama has the space and knowledge of all the choices she has when defining her needs and desires for her birth.